Patient Testimonials

"Thanks to all of you that make my visits the best they can be. I am NOT a very good dental patient, but each one of you go out of your way to make each visit a pleasure. I am so glad that I decided to start using your services and I have to say both Dr. Maria and Dr. Craig have gone above and beyond to make each visit as pleasant as possible. And not to leave out Dr. Hagan, I did get to see him one time. Thanks again for always taking the time to make each visit personal; that is what customer service is all about. I worked with customers for 36 years, so I know how important good customer service is and believe me, I know it’s sometimes hard to keep a smile on your face and in your voice with some customers! But that is what keeps the business going! Thanks again to all of you and have a great weekend!" Debby

"Hygienist did a great job and employees in the office are very professional and friendly." Victoria

"My crown preparation was painless, except for the bill :>) The office staff, hygienists and dentists are always excellent! I’m a big baby when it comes to dental pain, and it’s comforting to know that they’re always just one phone call away when I need them. Their dental work and customer service is always outstanding! My deepest gratitude to Dr. Maria, Shelley and the entire staff, for taking such good care of me! I also have total confidence in seeing any of their dentists. I’m VERY thankful for Screven Dental! Screven Dental is a blessing to me!" Elizabeth

"I broke one of my front teeth and Dr. Craig did an excellent job fixing it. You guys are #1." Brenda

"Sounds silly but I love going to Screven Dental... everyone has a great attitude and always makes me feel welcome." Louise

"Very pleased with staff and waiting time." Marion

"Perfect, pleasant cleaning & diagnosis! Many thanks!"

"My daughter has always had a fear of dentists, and this office has worked with her for many years. She has finally overcome it, partly because of their gentle patience." Emma